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ORTIS, a renown European brand for plant based natural remedies, launches its distribution and website in Canada

Ortis Canada Natural Remedies with Plants website

We are proud to announce the Web design of the Canadian distributor of ORTIS products: www.ortiscanada.com.

ORTIS, a renown European brand for plant based natural remedies, is launching in Canada with a bilingual website to showcase its products and retail locations. You can check out their blog to discover content related to health and healthy living to prevent illness. Continue reading

8 essential aspects to analyze your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) performance

search engine optimization seo performance analysis

Search Engine Optimization has dramatically evolved in the past two years mostly driven by Google’s updates to its indexing algorithm. Google’s algorithm updates (code names: Penguin, Panda, Panda 2) now mostly focused on rewarding websites that develop relevance through content rather than through using technical tricks to game the search results ranking system.

Another key element that Google’s algorithm rewards is how many times content has been shared and interacted with on social media. As a consequence, the power of SEO has shifted from the hands of technicians to the hands of marketers and of content producers. There are also other less obvious aspects of Search Engine Marketing that we reveal in this article about modern SEO.

Here are 8 essential aspects of SEO that will help you analyze and optimize your website’s SEO:

1. Technical crawlability
2. Website content publishing
3. Keyword relevance
4. Link backs (referral links)
5. Social Media interactions
6. Content update frequency
7. Website user experience
8. Integration with Google services

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How to increase website traffic with the 5 most effective online marketing tactics

Marketing tactics to increase traffic to your website
Growing website traffic to acquire new customers is usually a predominant concern for most Marketers. Here are 5 proven online marketing tactics that will enable you to maximize your reach and continually increase traffic on your website:

  1. SEO & Content Marketing
  2. Advertising with Search Engines (Pay-per-Click)
  3. Advertising with Social Media
  4. Online Contests
  5. Email Marketing

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The impact of online disruption on Marketing – Insights from Content Marketing World 2013 (Part 2)

Content Marketing World 2013 ConferenceThe Web has been disrupting the way we communicate and interact, the way we work, and the way we shop in profound and sometimes unforeseen ways. Keeping up with the pace of innovation and the ripple effect of more and more ways to access the Internet, has been a key concern for companies and organizations that want to remain competitive in the marketplace.

Here is our second round of insights from Content Marketing World this year in Cleveland, OH. As we did with our latest post about the importance of starting with the marketing basics for Content Marketing Planning, we’ve tried to organize our thoughts around answering key questions: Continue reading

Back to Marketing basics with a twist – Insights from Content Marketing World 2013 (Part 1)

Content Marketing World 2013 BadgeContent Marketing World this year was again a huge source of inspiration and insights into to the ever changing marketing landscape, where engaging content has become a key driver for marketing success.

This was our second year at the third iteration of Content Marketing World taking place in Cleveland, OH. The event has almost doubled since last year with 1,700 people from 40 countries around the world. The energy was electric and growing interest in the science of Content Marketing was palpable.

Here is a first round of insights we’ve walked away with around the theme that the basics of Marketing are more than ever essential to build a roadmap to brand engagement and sales success. But there’s a twist as these basics have to adapt to the accelerating “information available anywhere on demand” marketplace and a more than ever discerning customer. Continue reading

Step-by-step guide to promoting your events using Social Media

Social Media Wall Wommu 2013 Conference

Social networks have become an essential media to leverage for promoting any event initiative. The social media platforms and engagement tools available are a must have for event organizers to promote “before”, animate “during” and share “after” the content of their events and conferences. We offer a step-by-step guide to 42 best practices for using social media to publicize your events. Continue reading

How to optimize Social Media engagement with Content Marketing – Lecture at WOMMU

Here is the lecture we gave in May 2013, at Word of Mouth Marketing University (WOMMU) in Chicago, organized by the WOMM Association (WOMMA) on Content Marketing powering the planning and publishing of content to maximize engagement on Social Media. Continue reading

Mommy Nearest, the“on-the-go” resource guide for parents, launches Mobile App and Website

Mommy Nearest website and mobile app

We are proud to announce our collaboration in the design of the website and mobile App of www.mommynearest.com.

The Mommy Nearest application is the most comprehensive “on-the-go” resource guide to support local parenting needs in New York City with more cities coming soon. Its community-driven rating system ensures that information is up to date and allows local parents to share insights about neighborhood favorites (or places to avoid). It’s like a 24/7 support system that is always at your fingertips. Continue reading

A new responsive design website for Rabin Martin, a global health strategy firm

Rabin Martin website

We are proud to announce the redesign of the Consulting Services website www.rabinmartin.com.

Rabin Martin is a global health strategy firm driven by a mission to improve the health and lives of underserved and hard-to-reach communities around the world. Rabin Martin works at the leading edge of emerging issues, bringing the power of ideas to some of the globe’s toughest health challenges. Continue reading

Content + Pervasive Creativity: Oglivy’s Content Marketing Microsite by Oglivy, Hosted by Fast Company

Content + Pervasive Creativity: Oglivy’s Content Marketing Microsite by Oglivy, Hosted by Fast Company

To launch a micro-site initiative, working with the media company for a brand provides some advantages. One of them is to facilitate customers acquisition. Ogilvy & Mather understands this concept. The agency has just launched Content + Pervasive Creativity, a micro-site hosted by FastCompany: Co-Create, (source:  Matthew Flam, in Crain’s New York).

Editorial strategy “Co-Create” revolves around entertainment, marketing and technology. The micro-site, Content + Pervasive Creativity, will focus on content marketing. It will publish videos and posts created by Ogilvy and certain of its customers.

In addition to providing a tactic of rapid acquisition through the site, “the team at Fast Company will operate as a kind of editorial consultant,” writes Matthew Flam. Christine Osekoski, publisher of Fast Company, “the sponsored content has become part of increasingly important for the Fast Company business model.”

By facilitating the acquisition of traffic through numerous content marketing efforts, media brands have an advantage that goes well beyond their skills to create engaging content.

For their part, some brands have realized the importance of content marketing in the content marketing world.  According to a study by the Boston Consulting Group – The Connected World: The Internet Economy in the G-20: The 4.2 Trillion Growth Opportunity, March, 2012 – 74% of Internet users use Google to learn about a product or service. Study indicates that these online searches generate $ 482 billion in turnover offline.